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MediSphere, is an independent dedicated clinical research site which conducts Phase II, III and IV clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutritional, and medical device industries.

Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide reliable clinical data to help advance new medical treatments. Established in 1992, we have become one of the most reputable clinical research centers in the area. Leading and upcoming pharmaceutical companies have trusted and allowed us to be a part of their compound development and clinical studies to be conducted in a most professional and ethical manner. Through this process, we are granted the opportunity to help the people of our community to improve their quality of life in maintaining dignity and respect as well as Health Care Providers and the general public in having access to promising new medical treatment and technologies.

Federal Regulations Compliance: All clinical trials are governed by specific regulations of the FDA and all clinical trials must be reviewed and approved through an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) with the primary and most significant obligation to ensure the welfare of all patients’ safety in participation in a clinical trial. MediSphere has been audited by the FDA four times in the past 15 years and successfully passed each inspection For more information you can visit: ClinicalTrials.gov 

MediSphere, is a proud member of the Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR), an independent Site Alliance (ISA) of established geographically diverse, professional clinical research sites. This not-for-profit support organization is composed of 15 multi-therapeutic, highly experienced research centers across the United States.