MediSphere Medical Research Center, LLC, Medical Research and Development, Evansville, IN
Everyone here has been awesome and I hate for my study to end! They made me feel comfortable and I feel that I have made new friends. Melinda S.

They helped me more than you will ever know. I learned alot. Everyone was nice and helpful to me. I would consider participating in a future study, I love coming here. Patti S.

A great place. I love coming here. Patricia H.

I learned alot, I will use the knowledge for the rest of my life. Louise W.

Staff is very knowledgeable on entire procedure. Everyone was able to answer all questions. I would recommend MediSphere to everyone. Marie H.

I liked being in a study. I recommend you be in one. Henry H.

The staff was very friendly. I’m satisfied with the program. Tedra L.

Very professional staff. I was treated very well. Robert V.

I am very pleased with the study. I was able to lose weight without any negative problems with my diabetes or blood pressure. Thank You very much. Judie T.

Dr. Reyes was taking care of an elderly patient who was having some trouble. He attempted to contact her by phone, he called her emergency contact. He was unable to get ahold of the patient who needed immediate care following some abnormal labs/tests etc.  Knowing she lived alone, Dr. Reyes was so worried about his patient that he drove to her home in an attempt to contact her for further testing and to make sure that she was okay. Dr. Reyes goes above and beyond for each of his patients. He truly was a hero to this patient. Michelle F.

Published in the Evansville Courier and Press / The Gleaner on October 18, 2015